Labor, Union Relations and Executive Contracts

Since its foundation, MoselloLima adopts a transparent position regarding the vocation and purpose of its labor relations division: The defense of the employer.

Since its foundation, MoselloLima adopts a transparent position regarding the vocation and purpose of its labor relations division: The defense of the employer.

We believe in and undertake a labor law practice focused on making business, enterprises, and activities viable, valuing the strategic conduction of litigation and objective interaction with advisory, establishing a preventive and strategic analysis of cases and routines as a permanent reality.

End-to-end litigation

For each demand a specialty and focus on results

We act in judicial and administrative labor litigation, in multiple fronts and in all levels of jurisdiction, with the ordinary premise of acting with our own staff, with a multidisciplinary and specialized team, according to the subject under discussion.

In this way, we build robust and sustainable results, through a conduction plan of the demand in all instances, managing the lawsuits until their effective closure, always paying attention to the survey of all the appeals filed and the consequent filing.


Secure and assertive control in information management

The teams and sectors of the Labor Division work in an integrated manner with Mosello's COJUD - Legal Controllership - allowing a efficient, secure, and fast information management.

From the feeding of the client's own systems, to the ordinary and specific reports, presentations and indicators, to the precise control of all the proceedings and procedural acts, we have consolidated a work model that frees our client from accessory obligations and allows him not to be surprised, keeping a safe control of the information.

An agile consultancy to secure and enable business

Opinions, memorandums, technical notes and reports

We develop structured and specialized  through assertive and formatted opinions so that our clients get effective answers to their questions and points of attention.

Trainings, lectures, workshops and courses

We provide directed training in a portfolio that excels for the customization to the client's objective needs, where we highlight:

  • Responsibility of the manager and company
  • Integrated HR routines
  • Damage and moral harassment
  • Contractual Modalities
  • Individual and Collective Negotiation
  • The Work Environment

Development of instruments, contracts and obligations

Resulting from the safe and broad experience in acting in thousands of processes of clients of the most varied sizes, we have developed the following instruments:

  • Preparation and implementation of  an applied compensation and benefits plan.
  • Contractual modality for managers, senior employees and executives.
  • Development and implementation of variable compensation plans - profit sharing and results 

Due diligence

Knowing, planning and solving

Knowing the risks and eventual liabilities, to plan corrective actions and deliver solutions. We perform Due Diligences and audits to identify risks, liabilities and improvement opportunities, grading the potentials and associating specific action plans, implementing them and monitoring their execution and results.

Workplace environment

Occupational health, safety and hygiene

Experience and in loco performance on demands involving the workplace environment. Allied to a deep knowledge of the rules of health, safety, medicine and hygiene at work, our team develops programs to identify non-compliance, applying action plans specifically designed to prevent liabilities, fines, and individual and collective claims.

Crisis management support

The ideal way to manage a crisis is, of course, to prevent it from happening. However, this is not always possible, as can be verified, as a rule, in cases of Fortuitous Event or Force Majeure. Therefore, MoselloLima has a complete structure, composed by professionals trained to offer all the necessary support to mitigate the effects and overcome the crisis, offering in-depth, individualized and assertive situational analyses, without losing sight of speed and efficiency.

Sustainable solutions through special projects

Acting in the areas and fronts of labor law, it is a fact that special, collective, and sometimes systemic situations require individualized and specific solutions. Therefore, we develop special projects, where we highlight:

  • Root cause identification
  • Planning and execution of conciliation and agreements
  • Regularization of liabilities
  • Support to labor aspects in acquisitions and mergers
  • Public civil actions

Collective bargaining and labor relations

Our practice in special cases, top cases and high-risk lawsuits is multidisciplinary, involving our civil, criminal, tax and environmental divisions, according to the subject matter of the lawsuit and its developments. Focused on the prevalence of what is negotiated over what is legislated, our team operates in collective bargainings, with the consequent execution and elaboration of agreements and conventions, as well as alternative forms of conflict solutions such as mediations and and terms of conduct adjustment – TAC.

Service, presence and agility as the great differentials

The multidisciplinary vision in risk analysis has allowed the optimization of the legal advisory services as an enabler of the company's strategies. This is the Full Counseling daily involved in the decisions that allow the entrepreneur to shield every step of his business. In this modality, teams of dedicated specialists allow anticipation of risks and/or return to the company's demands within 24 hours, making the decision chain fast, effective, and safe.

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